Disruption studies

Conceptualization of disruption to distinguish between normal and disruptive change. We seek methods for anticipating change trajectories and disruptions, countering negative disruptions, and driving positive disruptions.

Strategizing and decision-making in the digital era

We explore the new requirements for strategizing necessary in the fluidity of our contemporary era. We believe that strategies founded on the assumption of environmental stability have lost their relevance, and that contemporary strategies build on adaptive or transformative mindsets. We also seek understanding of the capabilities required in creating and executing adaptive and transformative strategies. We are also increasingly interested in the interface and interplay of human and algorithmic decision-making. What are the challenges and opportunities embedded in harvesting and harnessing data, what benefits can be drawn from the technological advances, and where are humans still (and potentially always) needed?

Societal transformation

The converging trajectories of radical technological advances, looming environmental calamities and global socio-political turmoil redefine societies also from the perspective of economy. We are interested in the impact of individual change agency, and the role and purpose of the firm within the new economic ecosystems. Our goal is to create and diffuse knowledge on how to harness ongoing change for making a positive impact.