The world is full of interesting insights. Here you will find a continuously updated list of diverse readings we have found thought-provoking for one reason or another. If you have found an interesting text worth sharing, we warmly welcome any tips and suggestions!


Back to basics. If you’re unsure about the distinctions between ANI, AGI or ASI (also known as weak or strong AI), Urban comes to help with a very readable and insightful two-part blog. First part and second part. 2015

Could an AI author a book? With this (scary) development that future is looming closer, Guardian 2019

PwC has listed the 2019 AI predictions – Six AI priorities you can’t afford to ignore

From reading minds to detecting sexuality or monitoring employee interaction, AI advances are no longer science fiction.

The AI policies of China, USA and Europe – should the EU reconsider its approach? And related, here’s more background information about AI for the policy makers. 2018

Speking of policy, the Chinese approach requires acknowledging. 2017

Interested in following the developments of AI? EFF provides an AI Progress Monitor.


What does agile mean and how does it happen? These tales explain all in a nutshell. MacKinsey 2019


There are approximately 200 currently identified biases and cognitive errors in human decision-making. Benson distilled them into a nice cognitive bias cheat sheet. 2016

Industry 4.0

If your understanding about the fourth industrial revolution requires brushing up, World Economic Forum is a very good place to start. 2016

Social Media

Why “liking” is not innocent? Case Cambridge Analytica highlights the dark side of social media, Guardian 2018

While McNamee’s points are about fixing Facebook, the issues he lists adhere equally to other social media sites. 2018


Does your strategy have a strategy? An excellent framework for assessing the fit of your strategy to your business environment. HBR: Reeves, Hanaes, Sinha 2015

MacKinsey makes a strong case for digital reinvention, Bughin, LaBerge, Mellbye 2017

They also provide useful tips for 5G strategy. MacKinsey 2019

Incumbents strike back, and MacGrath and Dalzell-Payne at IBM illustrate how. 2018

Ready for something academic? Understanding digital affordances is the key to reaping the benefits and evading the pitfalls of digitalization. 2018

Olden but golden. Rumelt discusses windows of opportunity and value denials among other things – highly relevant reading for anyone doing strategy in high-velocity business environment (meaning all of us). MacKinsey 2007.


From production era to distributive era. MacKinsey’s Arthur makes a set of assumptions about a fundamentally new economic logic, 2017

 Future of work: 5 top insights from Davos experts, Mphuthing, 2019, Economic Forum

World (especially its future)

Will technology save us all, or have we already initiated a human-wrought apocalypse – and why these questions are not helping? Warning, this is an academic article. Taffel 2018

The (in)famous IPCC report on stopping the global warming at 1,5°C is a must-read. 2018