Exploring Change
We research socio-economic-technological change that is beyond normal.
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Making an Impact
Our network consists of scholars and practitioners sharing a passion for exploring change and driving positive transformations.
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Laboratory of Business Disruption Research

Exploring change when it is not normal

The disruption lab is a platform for people and organizations interested in understanding change and driving positive transformations. We bring together researchers, companies, NGOs and the public sector to co-create and share knowledge that contributes to a better tomorrow. We explore questions like: When is change not normal but disruptive? What types of ongoing social, economic and technological trajectories can we identify? What types of future implications do those trajectories hold? How can we identify and create triggers that change those trajectories exponentially? What is the role and purpose of firms in the era of social, economic and technological transformations? How can the individuals, in firms or as citizens, be and become change agents?

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Wise moves for better tomorrow



Uncannily enough, the world neither stood still nor became ready in my absence. The same can be said of the work at our Disruption lab.